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I would like to thank you for visiting our employment website and for your interest in our company, MAC Pizza Company, LLC. dba Domino’s Pizza.  As you read on you will be educated on our hiring process.  Our intention is to have your application processed within 72 hours.  This process is outlined below; it will guide you through a series of steps that will deliver us your application.  If you have any challenges, please contact us by calling our Administrative office at 907-646-0442.

Domino's Alaska is looking for individuals who will be able to adhere to a professional image that requires an energetic, enthusiastic and courteous demeanor to promote our quality products.  We are searching for people that exhibit self-pride and self-confidence which will enable them to represent our company well.

Hiring Process:

1.  Application - Click on the applications button at the top of the page to begin.  Please understand that previous employment listings will be verified.  Be sure to have a valid email address so that we can proceed to the next step.

2. Interview - the next step, when you pass our assessment,  would be an interview with the General Manager for the location in which you would like to be employed. 

3. Documents - If you are applying for a delivery expert position, in addition to the above, you will need to furnish us with a driving record (needed every 6 months), proof of Vehicle Insurance and valid Registration.  More information will be sent to you regarding this procedure or the General Manager will inform you during the interview process.

4. New Hire documents, issuance of Uniforms, Vehicle Inspection Reports - Delivery experts will be required to have a vehicle inspection completed before starting. Uniforms will be provided by Domino's Alaska HR once all required documents have been verified as complete.

Again, thank you for taking interest in becoming a Domino’s Pizza employee.  If you have any questions about our hiring process or the application, please do not hesitate to contact us at any of our locations, or simply use the "Contact Us" page on this website.


Domino's Pizza Alaska 

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